Some specialized model makers use a combination of CAD expertise, 3 & 5 axis CNC manufacturing and traditional model making skills to produce large scale models for the amusement and entertainment industry, for artists, designers and exhibitors.

Examples include: competition rowing boats, water amusement parks, theater, concert and movie sets, mock-ups for exhibitions or other events like corporate parties or exhibitions, but also artistic objects for restaurants, clubs. Architectural elements and decorations, might be considered interesting, related jobs.

In these cases, medium to big 5 axis CNC machines are used for milling moulds and plugs with wood, EPS, epoxy or PU tooling boards. Coating materials like fiberglass and resins or other polymer composites can also be machined for an excellent surface finish.

At Multiax we have a wide expertise with these process and we support companies not only with supplying CNC machines, but also suggesting the most profitable technology setup and best practices related to the machine.

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